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NSH00004 Thunderloos. Out Now.

Wesnesday Releaseday!!!! ‪#‎NSH‬ 00004 ‪#‎Thunderloos‬ is on the Loose! Representing ‪#‎Hardcore‬ from the East (‪#‎Nijmegen‬) But most Importantly: A Protest against Everything and Everyone here in Holland who’s Using and Abusing #Hardcore ‪#‎Gabber‬ and it’s history for their own Profit – Whatever Extremely Ignorant Meaningless Ego Shit that might be. OK – we wouldn’t be No Strings Hardcore if we didn’t present this Sensitive Political Number 00004 with our Raving Roster: The Puppet, Trackdriver,Animal Tag and our newest member Scanlon!!! Also a Big Thank You for the Man mastering our tracks to a Smooth Banging Sensation and who is a True Example of a NSH Being : djruffneck– Thunderloos: Gives you stuff to again Lift Up those Feet and perform some HAKKENNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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