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  • Release – NSH



a Hardcore producer from Nijmegen and a Great Great Talent.

Scanlon has been producing for already 15 years now, never taking the big ‘Release – Step’ because he is such a perfectionist. And that we can definitely hear in his music.

So once upon a time Scanlon was listening to ‘The Weekend Start’ a Hardcore show on ‘Radio Totaal’ and he heard NSH’s first 2 releases and what the ‘No Strings’ sound was all about. This was the moment that brought us together, because Scanlon took a shot and send in a track he made after the Show, being inspired by the ‘No Strings’ sound.

Radiohost Mark Blom gave NSH a heads up that he was going to air this tune. So. We were listening.

This track ‘Deadly Virus’ was off the hook! So Scanlon and NSH got together, Scanlon made the track even better and well, the rest of the story you all know. It was released on ‘Thunderloos’ – NSH00004.

We at No Strings Hardcore are Extremely Excited about discovering this talent (with thanks to Mark of course) and thankfull he wants to be a part of NSH Crew and can’t wait to release more of this Hardcore Creative Passionist.

We at No Strings Hardcore want to Welcome Scanlon into our midst and Salute Him for having:

No Strings and being Hardcore!!


Be Supportive for the No Strings Hardcore way of Life


Support Scanlon right here!!!!


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