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NSH00014 Is Coming…

Time for another release, keep checking the NSH Soundcloud and such for the Newest sounds.
NSH00014 will be released on November 5th, exactly 4 years after NSH’s First Release Ever in History!

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Animal Tag Solo EP: Pull That String Out Monday April 14th!!

The Animal Tag EP: Pull That String [NSH00008] will be released tomorrow! This long awaited EP contains 5 Wicked Tracks strictly Tagged by The Animal!

Be sure to get It while it’s Hot!

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Get Mad by Animal Tag, Hardtechno meets Hardcore.

Check Out this video of Mario Ranieri ending his set with ‘Get Mad’ by Animal Tag (NSH00004 Thunderloos)!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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NSH00004 Thunderloos. Out Now.

Wesnesday Releaseday!!!! ‪#‎NSH‬ 00004 ‪#‎Thunderloos‬ is on the Loose! Representing ‪#‎Hardcore‬ from the East (‪#‎Nijmegen‬) But most Importantly: A Protest against Everything and Everyone here in Holland who’s Using and Abusing #Hardcore ‪#‎Gabber‬ and it’s history for their own Profit – Whatever Extremely Ignorant Meaningless Ego Shit that might be. OK – we wouldn’t be No Strings Hardcore if we didn’t present this Sensitive Political Number 00004 with our Raving Roster: The Puppet, Trackdriver,Animal Tag and our newest member Scanlon!!! Also a Big Thank You for the Man mastering our tracks to a Smooth Banging Sensation and who is a True Example of a NSH Being : djruffneck– Thunderloos: Gives you stuff to again Lift Up those Feet and perform some HAKKENNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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NSH00003 ‘Herrie in de Keuken’ Out Now!!!!!!

NSH00003 Herrie in de Keuken

NSH00003 is Officially Born People! As of today you can Pollute your Kitchen while cooking with these Killer Tracks Bouncing from wall to wall.

We got ‘Rejection’ by our man Animal Tag to help your blood running through your veins, ‘Ba Ba Ganoush‘ from the Puppet to keep it together, then we take a Smoking Break and Swing it with ‘Dutch Cheese‘ and in the end you are Ready to Shove shit down the Oven with the Animal Tag / Trackdriver collaboration ‘Good Old Days‘!!!

Besides Hardtunes and Junodownload you can of course get this Killer Release in our own Shop, so go get it and win the ‘Neighbour of the Month’ Award!!!



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